Hi, my name is Jakob Schenker. I am an environmental scientist with a passion for pursuing market-based solutions to environmental resource management and social development issues. I am particularly interested in long-term impact investing and sustainable business strategy solutions to achieve these end goals.

I am now currently in a corporate advisory role with the Rainforest Alliance, helping large corporations examine and improve their major commodity supply chains to be more socially and environmentally sustainable. 

I have core skills in natural resource management, community water resource development, middle market sustainable investment analysis, and business implementation in developing markets. Throughout my past experiences I have had the opportunity to lead, manage, and develop diverse teams to achieve results in both startup and established business settings. I have worked predominately in the United States, but have also had the opportunity to live and work in South East Asia and West Africa for several years.

Welcome to my website where I write about work experiences, market solutions to social and environmental issues, natural resource related initiatives, and travel and culture from the trips I've been on.