Building Begins

Today we left at 6am for Kulaa with the initiative being to build our main water unit’s structure. Bricks were in place and cement was happily resting in the chiefs hut, anticipating our arrival. We visited the sandman and made sure to tie the back with rubber straps conveniently strewn right nearby. We arrived at the village and were overwhelmed by a sense of calm and emptiness once again. It was early, maybe 715 and we got to thinking that these villagers were probably smarter than us and had slept in. In fact the women had gone farming in the bush and our meeting would be delayed once again. In Ghanaian fashion we rolled with the punches and immediately set forth to build our structure. The lingering village boys followed along as we crawled through the footpaths in our taxi at 5 mph. Our mason was with us, along with a guy carrying a shovel and pickax. Unload, make cement, make a circle on the ground using sticks bandanas and more sticks. Dig a lot, cement a lot and start to place bricks as one of the elders points and goes mmm. Through lots of hauling it was completed before sunburn time. Slapped our hands off and called it a day. Tomorrow we make it look nice and hopefully meet the women involved in running the system.