Community Meeting and Implementation

Today we were excited to conduct a large community meeting to discuss our implementation of CWS water purification systems. It turns out by the time we had gotten there, an “urgent” matter had occurred so the village was considerably sparse. These curve balls seem to happen every day and flexibility is key for implementation of this kind. As we began to move in a different direction we were led down a path, following and elderly man on a bicycle for about 10 minutes while he led us to potential water treatment locations. After much discussion of boundaries of the floodplain in the rainy season in relation to the dugout drinking water source, we settled on a nice area underneath two trees. We delivered thirty building bricks to the site, which consisted of traveling for 40 minutes each way (twice) with a seriously weighed down taxi cab. We must have bottomed out 30 times. We also hit a goat. That led to some frustration from the passing village but our wise taxi driver and translator, Cartier and Amin, stated that it wasn’t a good idea for the villagers to herd their goats in the center of the already treacherous road. Cement was bought, chief was found, bag was delivered to the large house.

Kulaa Village Dugout Water Source

Bricks and team

Local kids interested in what we were doing. Curiosity is nice to see..