Meeting with elders

Today we left at a reasonable hour. 8am. Hopped in Cartier’s taxi cab with Amin as translator. Direction – Kulaa. Main goal was to propose to the chief of the village that we would like to implement a drinking water system for their 80 households. We showed them the tests we had sampled and found bacteria in. They were extremely eager and interested in our ideas. They had been approached two years previous, and declined. But now they had felt and realized sickness with their water, and how it linked to their every day lives. Today was a happy day and a step in the right direction, they welcomed our organization completely, accepted our proposal and wanted us to start building right away. They wanted me to stay with the chief overnight since a son of his was named Jacob or something like Yacubu – and that he wanted to marry all three women in my group since he found out that I had not wed all of them previously. This starts the process!