Village Time

Yesterday we visited the villages of Chani and kagbarasche. They had systems already implemented by Community Water solutions. This was our chance to see how they held up, how their dugout water was situated and how the village life was. It proved to be an interesting ride throughout the day. Right off the bat, it  was so incredibly dusty that if you didn't wear a full bandit outfit you were caked in orange dust (spray tan man). It is also custom to share front and middle seats since the trunk seems to always be designated for animals. There were no animals on the way to the village but there soon would be for the way back. Arrival, dugout investigation, purification system good functioning order check. Puppies everywhere, Peter purchases one for $2.50USD. Pretty good price huh? And its a hunting dog. We also had our good luck on the way back when we ran over a squirrel. This prompted slamming of the brakes, flipping into reverse, running out of the car, slapping blood off the slaughtered thing, put in a bag, and BBQ'ed for dinner!

Later the next day -consisted of household monitoring in Djelo. Despa Naa, Naa Despa Naa. We greeted many people and it went something to that affect early in the morning. We went to the women of each household and asked them how they were keeping up on their water systems implemented one year ago. They seemed to be enjoying this change in their lives very much.