Promoting Self

Now that I am a greater distance away from most of my American Brothers, I am starting to examine other avenues of communication and sharing through technology. Face to face has jumped into email, tailspinnered into social media and then swallowed whole into smaller and smaller symbolic button-work. I believe there is an equal energy being put forth with these actions, but they are inherently different types of connection.

After successfully fundraising $3,600 on Crowdrise for this Ghana water purification project with Community Water Solutions, as well as seeing others on kickstarter successfully fund multi-thousand dollar projects (Bravo Brendan Duggan, Sue Useem and Andrew Plotsky) - I get more excited by crowdsourcing every day. There is a real possibility to produce exciting projects if the great idea is there. Let's remember It used to be that People all around the world had ideas, and usually those ideas came and went because the word never got out. Toy bubbles, exciting and nice initially, but gone just as quickly. On these new crowdsourcing platforms, ideas can be heard, supported and advertised to people all around the world. If you have a good idea, jump.

If you haven't taken a look at any of the platforms mentioned below, you should - even if you don't have an idea at the moment, think about supporting others in a small Starbucks coffee value-kind-of-way. All in the tune of simple giving over the web through social platforms, sharing and liking. Please add  to the comments section if you have had success or know of friends that have benefited because of sites like this! I want more of my friends and community to get involved.

A summary: - fundraising for charities and the standard good causes. donations are tax-deductible. - funding for creative projects. - A Kickstarter style, but internationally focused with more design and build. - a crowdsourcing site which invests in individuals. Funding their ideas, in return for a portion of their income in a certain number of years afterwards. Really fascinating new idea which people are trying. Make your personal brand and get out there! - Crowdplatform for graphic design freelancers.