On Every Corner, At Every Break

Asia has simply the most exciting street food around. Color, diversity, taste, cost - All to the maximum potential. Maybe all the small meals per day keeps the population thin, or maybe it is just because all of the available food is actually 'real food'. Ya know, the kind of edible matter that you can instinctively describe without inserting processing jargon. snail. chicken fetus. cow tendon. rice, noodle, vegetable. To the point, minus the factory. When food is filling, but not overfilling, and often recognizably nourishing, it is hard to turn down meal after meal every day. People love to eat here. I even have a heightened sense of love to eat here. It is the social past time. This is what we were meant to do on this earth, well part of the time. Eat food, nourish our bodies and minds - and then do something else with them. 

Snails were on the menu today. About 40 'small ones'. Add the rice noodle, super-chili-sauce and metal dagger. dig in. 2.5 cents a snail.