MBA, Grossman School of Business, University of Vermont, Burlington VT

During my business practicum I took on a role as an Investment Analyst for a holding company, The Cranemere Group Limited.

MS, Rubenstein School of Natural Resources, University of Vermont, Burlington VT

My thesis demonstrated ecological remediation using bacterial, fungal, and plan microcosms as an effective solution for Bunker C crude oil contamination in freshwater ecosystems. I was also a teaching assistant for three courses: Water Resources, Environmental Policy I, and Modern Techniques in Silviculture.



BA, Environmental Studies, Biology Minor, Skidmore College, Saratoga Springs NY                                                                                                

My thesis investigated phytoremediation patterns of duckweed and water fern species in nutrient-controlled water settings. Additional: Water and Soil Analyst for Cornell Cooperative Extension, VP of Environmental Club which included management of $20,000 budget, Cofounder and Manager of Skidmore Bicycle Share Program, Campus Environmental Committee Representative, Student Research Grant ($500).



Study AbroadTropical Rainforest Ecology and Management Studies, Boston University, Queensland Australia, 2008

Focused Specifically on analyzing water resource management strategies in Northeastern Queensland, Australia. Recorded and modeled water nutrient trends occurring in the Upper Barron River Catchment. Assessed new buffer vegetation initiatives for growth potential and nutrient capture. 



Coordinator, Markets TransformationRainforest AllianceRichmond VT, Sept 2015 – Present

Evaluate forest product (wood, rubber, palm) supply chains for several Fortune 500 companies by determining product legality, social and environmental standards for product harvesting operations, and the presence of any third party supplier certifications. Present findings and supply chain risks to upper management, and recommend operational improvements with next steps for supplier relationships. Re-engineer procurement and data collection systems across product divisions for greater coordination in company operations, and increased transparency of product sourcing. Conduct policy development sessions to clarify and establish corporate sustainability goals with regard to sourcing forest products.



Investment Analyst, Cranemere Group Limited, New York NY, Jan 2015 – Aug 2015                                                      

Identified major investment drivers and dynamics in the US smart grid infrastructure and energy efficiency sector. Presented on three specific areas for growth opportunity and investment within this sector. Outlined ten potential middle-market acquisition targets by reporting on company’s technological expertise, product portfolio and implementation strategy, competitive advantage, existing and future customer relationships, and compliance with Cranemere’s sustainability framework for long term investment.



Research AnalystJohn Todd Ecological Design, Woods Hole MA, April 2012 – Jan 2014

Organized experimental design for EPA funded crude oil ecological remediation demonstration project. Coordinated project database development and water chemistry testing protocol in partnership with Brown University. Performed statistical analyses of system effects to conclude final remediation results.    



Project Manager, Ocean Arks International, Woods Hole MA, Jan 2012 – Aug 2013

Managed and submitted eight RFP applications for ecological freshwater and ocean remediation. Fostered new business relationships and research initiatives for freshwater remediation in Indonesia.


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Drinking Water FellowSaha GlobalTamale Ghana, Oct 2012 – Feb 2013                                                             

Implemented community water treatment and training programs in several villages near Tamale, Ghana. Directed site visits and treatment monitoring database analysis for Kulaa Village, 500 individuals. Crowdfunded $3,600 for water treatment supplies, system implementation, and microfinance training.



Program Manager, Reef Artisan Collaborative Inc, Bali Indonesia, Aug 2010 – April 2011                                             

Managed six environmental internship programs and ten interns throughout Bali and Sulawesi, Indonesia. Supported initiatives in marine conservation policy, livelihood development, and environmental restoration. Granted $2,500 Skidmore Responsible Citizen Award for implementation of these programs.





Two and a half years experience living and working in West Africa and South East Asia, traveled to 40+ countries. Basic conversational Swedish, introductory language studies in French, and Indonesian.